Monday, May 30, 2005

Monday, May 30th

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Memorial Day
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Well, what an AWESOME surprise. We went away on Friday with the Iris budding out and looking like they were going to be a beautiful DEEP purple. We arrived home today to find one FULLY open with more on the way and much to my very pleasant surprise they are a DEEP, velvety burgandy red colour. They are so beautiful. They deinitely need digging up and dividing but at least now I don't have to find a space out back for them!

Also, the Rhododendron looks like it will bloom in the next few days. The opening buds are a very pale pink. All but two of my Lily's have poked their heads above ground. I can't wait to see them all in bloom. The Liatris have really started to grow although they still have a ways to go until they start flowering

My Cherry Tomato seeds look like they have germinated and I have seven little seedlings. Now they are up they should grow quite quickly, it'll be nice to be able to eat something I have grown. The Cosmos seeds I brought at Wal-Mart have also germinated. If they are anything like the WS ones then they'll grow quickly