Friday, June 17, 2005

After the Rain!

Temperature: About 70F
Weather Conditions: AM - More RAIN!!!, PM Breezy with more sunshine than showers!

Well, its finally stopped raining!!!

I was horrified this morning to find that the driving rain we had last night and this morning has made some of my winter sown plants "fall" over! In my front porch bed many of the taller plants have fallen over so that they are now flat on the ground, not exactly how I had designed things. However, the small perennial Baby's Breath flowers that now scatter the ground are rather appealing to the eye, guess I will just have to stake them up and offer them a little support

I was extremely pleased to find that I have a couple of new blooms in the form of annual Snapdragons & Cosmos. The Snapdragons were always a favourite of my mums back in England and I remember, whilst growing up, her showing me how if you squeezed them just right on the sides they would open and close like a mouth. This fascinates me even today and was the first thing I did with my new blooms!

I also have my very first Cosmos flower blooming, its such a happy looking thing. These Cosmos seeds were given to me by "Bluegrass Girl" on the Garden Talk Forum over at and were some of the very first things that I Winter Sowed. Surprisingly these were some of the very first seeds to germinate back in February and grew really quickly

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