Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bargains of the Day

Temperature: 7:30am - 70F
Weather Conditions: Sunny

She shoots.....she scores.....(and the crowd goes WILD!!!)

Walmart, everybody's favourite place to shop, especially since things just kinda "jump" into your shopping cart! I went there today to return something, silly thing is I've taken to parking near the garden department as there's ALWAYS more spaces than at the main entrance, bad idea I hear you all say!!! Well, all the plants are dying, yes its that Sales Associate curse because they have a habit of neglecting their plants but for us gardeners its the perfect time to visit the store. My winning moment of today was finding a "Don Juan" Climbing Rose on sale for $3.50 and two "Miss Bateman" Clematis for the grand price of $2.44 each. BARGAIN!!!!

The "Don Juan" Climbing Rose is one of those with beautiful deep red flowers and a wonderfully fragrant smell. At the moment I am a little unsure as to where I am going to plant it but I think it will likely end up between mine and my neighbours drive against the front of the house. This location would be great next summer when the fragrance can waft in our bedroom window at night, oh I'm getting all excited about the prospect!!! LOL!

The "Miss Bateman" Clematis will be planted in my back sun bed where I have started Purple Hyacinth Bean Vines this year. The Clematis will be the "bones" and then each year I will combine it with the HBV for some added colour and fragrance