Sunday, June 12, 2005

Darn Wabbit!!!

Temperature: ??
Weather Conditions: Overcast and Humid!

Well, it it SO hot and sticky today, we really need a good rain storm to get rid of all this humid air!

Returned from the weekend away to find that the Rabbits have been making a meal out of my smaller plants, thankfully they have stuck to the Baby's Breath and Snow-in-Summer, none of the Lily's have been demolished! I went round spraying with the Liquid Fence stuff again and that should keep them away like it did last time

Was able to collect my first lot of seeds from the deep purple Johnny Jump-ups, white Forget-Me-Not's & blue Forget-Me-Nots. I'm hoping to collect more of these and of other types then I can start seed swapping when the time comes, I'm sure the girls on the Garden Talk forum will start doing it eventually. Now I'll be prepared

The Snow Queen Clematis from Wal-Mart seems to have grown a bit over the weekend, which is good. I'm contemplating moving it into the back full-sun bed so that it can climb on the fence and the each year intertwine it with Hyacinth Bean Vines