Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Day of Transplanting

Temperature: 7am - 60F, 9am - 85F, 4pm - 92F
Weather Conditions: AM - Sunny

Well, what a wonderful day it turned out to be! The weather people were saying that it was going to be a bit drizzly this afternoon but no where near as bad as the thunderstorms yesterday, instead we get beautiful sunshine all day long

Spent the morning transplanting some of the last seedlings into more permanent homes. Many of the bicolored Coreopsis and the Basket of Gold Alyssum are now in the front bed where they will have room to spread their roots and grow up nice and strong. I also put some in the shade bed to see how they will do down there. The Sweet Alyssum was also dotted around the various beds so that it can start to grow and put on a good show. I also transplanted a couple of the more established "Winter Sown" (WS) Coreopsis plants into the centre of the sun bed to balance things out a bit better. They look a bit droopy at the moment (should know better than to transplant in the middle of the day!) but they should bounce back in a day or two

Brought a new plastic pot and some Miracle Grow soil and transplanted the two Sweet Potato plants as they didn't seem to be doing to well in the "heavy" compost soil. I paired them with some Sweet Alyssum and put them out back on the pedastal plant holder that Pam across the street gave me. They look pretty good there and I reckon it won't be long before I start to see some good growth on them

Ken's mom gave me a plant she rooted, I have potted it up in a container and its outside on the hot-tub steps. I have no idea what it is, guess I'll have to ask my GT buddies!!!

Also, climbed the ladder and put up some more netting for the Sweet Autumn Clematis to climb. Now it can go almost to the roof line which will make the front of the house look great when it blooms. I hope that its strong enough to support the weight of the vine, I'd hate for it to grow and drag the trellis of the wall. I'll find out soon enough, I can always attach a 'proper" wooden trellis to the front of the house next year