Saturday, June 18, 2005

Food Fight with the Birds!

Temperature: Cold
Weather Conditions: Rainy & Overcast.....AGAIN!!!

I was finally able to get back out into my garden again today after three days of rain, not that it didn't rain today as well, I was just able to squeeze in some time between downpours! It was nice just to be able to sit outside again and take in the sights, sounds and smells, everything always seems so fresh after a good downpour and today was no exception. It was so wonderful to sit out front on my miniature porch listening and waiting for my Hummingbirds to appear at the feeder, you always hear them coming - vibrating all the way, sounding like HUGE bumble bee's. I have at least two different Hummers visiting my feeder and the only reason I know there are two is because one is a male and the other female, both "Ruby Throats". I love the scarlet of the male's throat, it always looks like someone has take a knife and slit his throat. The females are a little harder to identify until you know what they are, lacking the scarlet throats they instead have an iridescent green back that looks metallic. For more information on Hummingbirds check out

Today has generally been a day of watching the birds as I have been completely unmotivated due to the weather! I have a hoard of House Finches that gobble up EVERYTHING I put in the feeder. I haven't filled the tube feeder out front in a couple of days due to the rain so instead they have found their way to the back deck to the pedestal feeder, there is now seed EVERYWHERE!!! These little guys are so messy, its like a perpetual food-fight between a bunch of 5 year olds and occasionally fisticuffs will occur!!!!

I also have a male / female couple of Northern Cardinal songbirds feed in my garden each day and you can always hear them LONG before you see them from their chirping. Its actually very sweet to watch and listen to them. The male (red one) will appear first and usually comes to the pedestal feeder, chirping all the way, letting the female know that it is safe for her to come and feed. She (brown with an orange beak) will appear a few minutes later, chirping in reply. Mrs Cardinal will only feed from the ground, usually the deck where all the seed has fallen from the ruckus created by the House Finches!!! They are very timid though and at the first sound of disturbance they fly off into the trees behind the house. They can usually been seen early in the morning or in the early evening, I'm hoping to eventually see baby Cardinals in tow later in the summer

Then off course there are the Bluejays that visit every morning like clockwork at 7am!!! They are a beautiful bird but can have a very nasty nature, usually chasing off all the little birds so that they can be greedy and gobble up all the food for themselves!