Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday, June 3rd

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Well, I've been pottering in the yard all week doing little things here and there. I'm very pleased with my velvety red Iris, they are AWESOME, albeit a little crowded. I'm also REALLY excited because the Rhododendron bush has bloomed even though I moved it earlier in the year. Its beautiful white flowers opening from pink buds, I think it might be one of the "Yaku" Rhodo's which actually stay quite small. The Snowmound Spirea is also starting to bud out and should get blooms sometime soon

I sowed a whole bunch of seeds a little while ago. The Cherry Tomatoes have appeared, I only seem to have lost one, which is good. The Wal-Mart Cosmos have germinated and are growing strong. My Nasturtium are just starting to emerge. I think next season I am going to start growing my seeds MUCH earlier in the season, like February, so that I have good size plants earlier in the season. I'm a little disappointed that the WS seedlings haven't gotten REALLY big by now. The Hollyhock is growing strong but everything else is still tiny

I brought a small "Snow Queen" Clematis at Wal-Mart which has been planted in the metal tub container with the Wild Rose, it'll look great when it grows in. Ken's mum also brought me a quart pot of Red Ground Clover which I divided into two and planted out front either side of the Rhododendron