Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday, June 20th

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Weather Conditions: Hot and Sunny!

Well, its been a great day albeit one of HARD WORK!!! Yesterday during a discussion with my neighbour about her new fence I found out that she was going to rip out her back flower bed and replace it with boring old grass (YUCK!) Anyway, immediately my had went up and I said I wanted as many plants as I could dig up and she just said to go for my life! SCORE!!! So last night I dug up about $100 worth or bicolored Iris, four Hosta's and a bunch of regular Ditch (Homestead) Lily's. There's a whole bunch more which I will grab in the next few days and then during next spring I will grab all the bulbs that come up!!!

Only problem with yesterday's score was that today I had to plant it all!!! The Iris were pretty easy as they went straight into my existing back beds, the Hosta's on the other hand were a completely different matter! For a long time now I have wanted to put a bed along the shady fence and put things like Hosta's, Fern's, Bleeding Hearts etc..., it was going to be a project for next spring, well today I got to start it sooner than planned. I've spent the best part of today digging up grass and turning the soil over ready to plant the rescued Hosta's. I finished planting my last Hosta at 7pm!

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This all sounds like it took me an unnecessary long time but by 1pm it was just too hot so I had to take a "siesta", I chose my favourite shady chair on the deck and just sat and watched. Mostly it was the birds coming back and forth chowing down on the seed and generally making a mess. HOWEVER, after a while I heard this scuffelling sound and out of the corner of my eye I saw our resisdent Chipmonk race under my chair, across the deck, around the plant containers, under the fence, back along the fence on the neighbours side, then back under the fence to my side and then stopping at the water faucet not 3ft from my chair!!! Mr Chipmonk then proceeded to drink the water that was pooling on the floor of my deck from the as yet unfixed dripping tap! He was VERY cute and hung around for quite a while, after drinking from the faucet he made his way back across the deck and started stuffing his face with bird seed

Now lets talk about the HUGE Spider that decided to make an appearance on one of the leaves of my rescued Hosta! Now I HATE Spiders due to a very traumatic incident as a child but so long as I have my trusty garden gloves on (you know the ones that are invincable to nasty little critters!) I can can somewhat deal with them, infact I have been all day with those horrid little ones that live in the garden soil! Anyway, I was fiddling around with this Hosta trying to get rid of many of the weeds as possible when all of a sudden movement caught my eye - the scream I let out was AMAZING! My husband has learned to ignore my bug induced screeches but this one brought him running and he proceeded to inform me that it was a Wolfe Spider with egg sac in tow

As for any new blooms I have today. My Bachelor's Buttons have finally started opening and they are a beautiful blue colour, I have completely fallen in love with them. I also have a number more of my Cosmos opening. Out front I was surprised to find that the flower buds have started to develop on my Scarlet Runner Bean Vine, this is great news as it means it won't be long before I have nice red flowers to keep my Hummingbirds happy