Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday, June 26th - Gone Weeding

Temperature: 90F
Weather Conditions: Hot & Sunny!

Our neighbour has this HUGE tree in their backyard, its actually a really nice tree that provides a lot of shade to all the nearby houses, including mine in the late afternoon. However, it seems to have become the bane of my gardening existence because over Memorial Day Weekend this one tree dropped so many seed pods on my property I was clearing them up for 3 days straight! I don't know what kind of tree it is, all I know is that these little seed pods kept on coming, falling to the ground like little helicopters spinning around and around

Now, a few weeks later I find myself out in the garden pulling up "baby" tree's, not just a few but hundreds, even thousands of the stupid things! They are EVERYWHERE, in the garden beds, in the containers, growing out from under the hot-tub, growing between the deck boards... the list is endless. It amazes me what nature gets up to, these seed pods have evolved over time to fall to the ground in such numbers that at least a few survive - Nature will not be stopped! After traipsing up the slope to the compost heap to deposit the third bucket full of seedlings I decided I'd had enough and duly gave up for the day in favour of AC and a tall glass of Iced Tea!

I did decide though that it was probably a good idea to water the garden as it hasn't rained in a little while and some of the plants were starting to look decidedly limp! I brought a new spray attachment at Home Depot a couple of days back as it was on sale for $5, reduced down from $20 - yippee my first opportunity to use it. This spray head is AWESOME, its one of those long ones with and angled head and different spray settings, definitely worth the money - now all I have to do is buy a hose that won't explode due to the pressure of the water running though it!

I have my first flowering vine! My Scarlet Runner Bean Vine which I planted to climb the porch post with the Sweet Autumn Clematis has started to bloom, I am a little disappointed that it isn't "bushier" but I think that is my fault more than anything since I didn't support the bottom properly so that it could start climbing. At least now I know better for next year. My "mystery" Coreopsis has also started it bloom parade, these plants came in my Walmart Perennial Seed Mix and were part of my Winter Sowing Project. I have about five plants, all of which have LOADS of buds just waiting to open in the coming days so I'm hoping to be able to get a multiple flower shot soon

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Scarlet Runner Bean Vine

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Bi-Coloured Coreopsis