Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday, June 23rd

Temperature: ??
Weather Conditions: Nice and Sunny

Continuing on with my new shade "strip" along my side fence I decided to move some Bleeding Hearts that I acquired earlier in the year. All three of them look rather wimpy this year as they were all damaged when I received them but they do have lots of new growth and look very strong, next year I'm hoping they really put on a show. The Hosta's or still looking very damaged from their transplanting with ratty looking leaves and some broken stems etc, they'll bounce back - if not this year then definitely next year

Finally got up the energy to plant the "Ditch Lily's" that I dug up from the neighbours flower bed, they were starting to turn a little yellow. I planted them with the shrubs out front which means I had to dig up yet more grass to make way for the Lily's, wonder what hubby will say!!! Next year they should look really good as their blooming, just a mass of orange toned flowers