Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attack of the Japanese Beetles!

Well, my garden seems to be disappearing more and more with every passing day! I think the Japanese Beetles are to blame but I can't say for sure as I NEVER see the damn things, all I see is the destruction that they are leaving behind. If I could find the little B@#$!&%D's I would quite happily drown them in my little jar of soapy water but they keep alluding me! All my Hollyhocks are quickly turning to lace. My Alaska Daisy's out front are all but stubs in the ground. The Creeping Jenny out front is receding. The "Wild" miniature Rose I rescued is nothing but stems, although it is starting to show a lot of new growth. As for my prized Pineapple Sage which took me so long to find, it is VERY quickly disappearing, so much so that I think I might bring it inside!!!

I am proud to say though that I rescued a few plants on Sunday evening from my neighbours abandoned flower bed which she said I could "rape & pilage"!!! I came away with Purple Coneflowers and what has been identified as Garden Phlox

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Purple Coneflower

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Garden Phlox