Friday, July 29, 2005

Bargains of the Week!

Temperature: ??
Weather Conditions: Sunny and for a change NOT HUMID!

Well, I told you that I'm not allowed into Nurseries or Garden Centre's without "adult supervision", all I went into Lowes for was some Rose Garden Soil so that I could plant my "Don Juan" Climbing Rose this weekend! I picked up the soil but unfortunately the stack was right next to the discounted plant rack, I begged myself not to look but it was like there was an invisible force dragging me over. The rack was mostly filled with dried up Marigolds and Oriental Lily's that had finished blooming. HOWEVER, being the bargain shopper that I am I part the foliage and came across a gallon sized "Limerock Ruby" Coreopsis ($3) that was a little dried out, had finished blooming and was COVERED in seed pods. These have all now been snipped off into a paper baggie to dry further and then they will be distributed in various "seed swaps" this Fall. A little further to the right on the shelf below was a very dried out gallon sized "Cuprea" Scotch Heather ($1), half of it is brown and looks dead but I reckon with proper planting and watering it should bounce back nicely

These "finds" off course put me in the mood for more bargain shopping, I was headed for Walmart anyway for coffee and birdseed, however the unfortunate thing is that my favourite nursery is just before it! I pulled in to the parking lot telling myself that I was only going to look because I hadn't been there in ages as they are more expensive. YEAH RIGHT!!!! I walked out of there with Lemon Balm & Hyssop ($1 each) & two, 3 gallon, pink Bee Balms ($3 each)!!!!

OK, so having just completed a search off all my new plants I discover that the Coreopsis should really be considered a tender perennial at best, many sources even say it is only an annual! This is a bit frustrating as the colour looks awesome and would go well in my back garden. I did read however that a few people had managed to over winter it by either bring it inside, placing a Clouche over it for the winter or mulching HEAVILY! I will give it a try, if it dies that's fine cos' it only cost me $3