Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday, July 10th

Temperature: ??
Weather Conditions: Sunny

I seem to be doing a lot of deadheading at the moment! The Coreopsis Bi-colour "Plain's" the I have an abundance of in my front sun-bed just always seems to have more and more spent blooms on it! I've come to the conclusion though that the reason it is so tall (about 4 -5ft!) is because it had to fight for the sunshine and so became "leggy". It does look good though with this wave of yellow / burgundy flowers everywhere. I'm gonna have to move them in the Fall though to spread them out a bit and put them in a spot that will suit their normal 3ft (ish) height

Spent a lot off time today re-potting and planting things. Back in March we were involved in a volunteer project to help upgrade a ladies home, fix the roof, put up siding, paint, put a new ceiling in the bedroom etc... Anyway, she works at a county nursery and they were going to through out a whole bunch of plants, she offered them to us! Well, Thursday night I picked up Marigolds, Snapdragons, Geraniums, Impatiens and a Moon Plant. The Marigolds are all now planted in the front of my sun-bed out front, the Impatiens are in a nice ceramic bowl which sits in the shaded area outside my front door. The Moon Plant I have moved into a larger pot as I'm not to sure where I want to put it permanently, I may just keep it in successively large pots!

I discovered a couple of plants flowering in the bed my neighbour said I could adopt! This afternoon I have transplanted a couple of Purple Coneflower clumps, both of which are now located in my back sun-bed. I also transplanted another plant which I'm not sure what it is yet, I'm sure it'll come to me sooner or later and probably with the help of all my various online friends! All transplants were looking a bit droopy this evening but I'm sure they'll bouce back in the next couple of days, especially if I give them plenty of water