Saturday, July 30, 2005

Temperature: 90F (ish)
Weather Conditions: Sunny and hot

What a long hot day! I went outside this morning with the full intention of spending the weekend catching up on my gardening chores and I did! I have spent ALL day pulling weeds and generally tidying up after the neglect of the past few weeks! Needless to say that now my back and shoulders are VERY sore!!!

I also managed to edge a couple of my beds with "pound-able edging" brought at Lowe's. I've been meaning to do this for ages so that I can give the front of these beds better definition, looks good and does the job

I finally managed to get my "Don Juan" Climbing Rose in the ground between mine and my neighbours driveway. It was hard going though as I'm sure that when the house was built 20 years ago all the sand and stones were channelled into this small area so I had to dig the sand / clay out, separate out as many of the stones as possible and mix in some "Rose Garden Soil". The Rose went in the hole fairly easy and I back filled with this improved soil mix, I am DEFINITELY gonna have to get some good compost etc. into the soil to improve it further but for now it has a good start. All I need now is a trellis for the Rose to climb!

I forgot to mention a few days ago that my "Silk Road" Lily has finally opened into all its glory, the smell is AMAZING!

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