Friday, August 26, 2005

Fall is on the Way

Well, Fall is DEFINITELY in the air, literally!

I have been noticing a marked difference in our climate the past couple of weeks, days are nice and balmy with temps still in the 70's / 80's but there is no humidity keeping things nice and dry. The evenings are cool and breezy and I don't mind going outside to work in the gardens. I can sleep at night again and the mornings are nice and "crisp" (50F at 7am this morning)!!! I LOVE walking round my small gardens first thing in the morning, coffee cup in hand, just looking and watching to see what has been happening, the most enjoyable part - feeling the dew on my feet!

The gardens are also starting to look tired and ready for their long sleep, the only things still blooming are the die-hards - Black Eyed Susan's, Obedient Plant and my youthful Butterfly Bush. Next year will be different tho' as I will have many more native plants for that end of season burst of colour, I can't wait! The Highbush Cranberry and Clethera that I planted a couple of weeks ago are loving their new homes and are growing well, especially the Cranberry which has LOADS of new growth. I can't wait to see them in a couple of years when they have really settled in and have a lot more substance to them

Yesterday evening I started my Fall cleanup chores (that should really read pleasures!). Last Spring I planted my front bed with a lot of "mystery" plants I had grown from seed, all of which performed REALLY WELL! Now I know what most of them are they are off course planted in the wrong spot! I moved a bunch of Black Eyed Susan's so as to spread out their colour a bit, I plan of leaving them up for the winter so the birds can eat the seeds and hold the snow in place. I cut down pretty much ALL the Coreopsis "Plains" as I have discovered that they are a rampantly reseeding annual - not a perennial like the Walmart seed packet says they are! This is OK tho', I had planted them all in the wrong place so I will grow more this winter / spring and plant them correctly next year! However, I am sad to see these go as they have been a fantastic performer for me this year

I also cut down the remainder of my Hollyhocks. Yes, they are a biannual but I have been told that if you cut them COMPLETELY down to the ground after they have bloomed but before the seeds mature you will confuse them into thinking they are in their first year. This makes PERFECT sense to me and I am already seeing new leaves popping up on the one's I cut down a week ago! If this does work then its great because I won't have to worry about growing new one's or having them re-seed themselves EVERYWHERE I don't want them!

I do have a couple of things to look forward to tho' because in the Spring I brought two late bloomers to brighten my end of year blues! The last of my Lily's has put up its flower buds and they are growing in size each day, they still have a way to go but I can't wait. The other is my Sweet Autumn Clematis which has been growing well all season and seems to really love its spot climbing the front (south facing) of my house! It is just now starting to develop buds and I am looking forward to a nice show of flowers in this its first year