Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Saturday, August 28th

What a wonderful day Saturday turned out to be! With Fall on the way and a "first frost date" of mid-September I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and get the last of the plants in the ground. I seem to be collecting plants of late, they come from all corners and then I find I don't have time to plant them straight away (slap on the wrist for me!). Today was the day to finally transplant these and other things so that they could establish themselves nicely before the much colder weather arrives

First to get done was the transplanting of my "Colour Guard" Yucca from its big pot into its permanent position within my front bed. I have trying to agree with a place (you should hear the conversations I have with my plants and garden! LOL!!! Husband and neighbours think I'm mad!) for this plant since I got it from Wayside Gardens way back in the Spring. I FINALLY decided on a spot in the front of the flower bed after I saw another picture of the same Yucca surrounded by all sorts of colourful plants, mine will eventually be surrounded by Black Eyed Susan's, Blanket Flower "Goblin", Daisy's, Sedum "Autumn Joy" and others to be planted next year!

Talking of Sedum...I was kindly sent some starts of Sedum by an online friend who was dividing hers, she sent both roots and root-less stalks. After a quick internet search I have discovered that Sedum is SUPER EASY to propagate and I can already see that the cuttings are starting to take root, there are also tiny little shoots coming up from the roots which were planted. I look forward to the coming years with this plant as the descriptions I have read sound WONDERFUL!

This same online friend also included some orange double Daylily's which have now been planted in the front bed by the front door

My other major mission of Saturday was to add a couple of things to my developing shade area out front by the road. Earlier in the year I had rescued a couple of different Ferns and a Hosta (which I divided into pots). Hostas grow really well in pots because of the very shallow root balls, they a great addition to a shady deck area. I needed to get these in the ground to establish themselves so next year they should look pretty good. Back in the Spring I also brought a couple of small pots of Creeping Jenny from my local Price Chopper supermarket. One was all but demolished by the Japanese Beetles but now seems to be bouncing back nicely, the other was planted in a large container out back and just "SPANG" to life to form a really nice large clump. It took me quite a while to dig it out of the pot since I wanted to try a keep the roots as undisturbed as possible, but I got there in the end. This "clump" is now planted underneath my Rhododendron and its amazing how much it brightens up that area