Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wednesday, August 3rd

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As gardeners we like to try and attract wildlife to our gardens, beautiful Butterflies flittering between flowerheads, busy little bee's pollenating their way around the neighbourhood or birds sqwarking at the feeder. If your like me you also have Squirrels wither aerobatics, Chipmonks with their puffy little cheeks stuffed full and Rabbits who munch through EVERYTHING!!! How wonderful it is to look into the garden and see all this "work" going one, making you realise that all that hard work earlier in the year was well worth the effort!

I got home this evening and followed my usual routine of feeding my meowing cat who greets me noisily at the door, opening the upstairs windows and then slowly opening the sliding back door to enter my gardens to see what occured while I was out. As I headed to the door this evening I was greeted by the flittering of something around my spent Cosmos (which is in need of some major dead-heading!), I assumed it was a large Butterfly because it was so brightly coloured. Then, all of a sudden it hopped over to the purple Liatris which is starting to turn to seed, at this point I realised it was a male Goldfinch in all his summer mating glory!!! What a wonderful sight to be greeted with, so colourful, so vibrant. I stood and watched him for a while as he helped with the gardening chores (dead-heading!) and the natural process of spreading seed

I'm hoping that he decides he likes it in my little garden and starts to return on a regular basis like many of my other birds, whom I have gotten to know through their repeated visits. I guess my next step now is to head out and buy an upsidedown feeder suitable for Thistle (Nijger) seed!!!