Friday, February 17, 2006

Spring Is In the Air!


Its been a long time since I posted anything regarding my gardens! Things wound down VERY quickly for me at the end of last season and I was thankful to get a short break. Then off course those long winter nights showed up, albeit mild ones and all of a sudden gadening is the last thing on anybody's mind!

HOWEVER.....Spring is starting to show its pretty little head a little early this year, I already have Daffodils poking through, I even discovered the tips of some Tulips the other day! You can "smell" the sweet scent of the change to warmer days as these nights get shorter and the spring gardening catalogues start to arrive. Wanderings around my still mostly sleeping garden are becoming a more frequent event as the hope of renewed growth gathers speed and I find myself looking for those early signs of life in my earliest of plants

A wander around my front garden last night presented the pleasent sight of freshly emerging growth on my Sweet Autumn Clematis. Now moving into its second year it has already started to produce its first new leaves of the season, with more buds swelling. I have also noticed that many of the Hollyhocks which I cut back last year have started producing new leaves, although very small ones. Common Ditch / Homestead Daylily's have started peeking their leaves above ground, as have the Autumn Joy Sedum which I planted last year. I have even noticed that the Sweet Alyssum has started producing growth from their self sowed seeds

I do fret a little though because inevitably we will get colder weather moving in and out over the next 6 - 8 weeks which no doubt will stunt growth and maybe even kill a couple of things off! I do live in hope though and the felling of refreshed new life is amazing to say the least, it gives me such hope and koy for the coming year