Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pase Greenhouse Order Arrives!


Over the late winter months I started ordering plants from eBay. The second batch of those arrived last night - Varigated Weigela, Buttonbush, Northern Bayberry and Cinnamon Fern. All arrived in good, healthy looking condition with moist roots and buds looking like they want to start to swell and open

Buttonbush was planted at the end of the bed adjacent to the Butterfly Bush. Had to dig up a few Iris tubers to make room and I will probably have to move the Formosa Lily at some point. I have high hopes that this shrub will fill in the end of the garden and create a kind of "full-stop". Its is a scented native shrub which developes ball shaped flowers which butterflies and bees LOVE

Just in front of this in the virgin ground I planted the Varigated Weigela. I had to raise the dirt level a little to give adequet drainage during the wet times. Hummingbirds LOVE the flowers and I'm hoping that I enjoy the shrub as much as they will. Both shrubs are included in my garden to add winter interest and a potential nesting / hiding area for my ever growing collection of wild birds!

The Northern Bayberry I have temporarily planted in a pot as I have no idea where I want it to go! Just I will have to do some research and find a sport for it!

The Cinnamon Fern was already starting to develop its first new frond and I have put it in a pot to take up residence in the shady corner of the deck. It is the first plant in my potted shade garden scheme for the deck, I hope to also include a shrub or two, other Ferns, Hostas, Coral Bells, Ivy and various other shade tolerant plants

Its great to finally have things arriving and I can't wait to watch them grow

PS: I strongly recommend Pase Greenhouse (I have no affiliation) and look forward to buying from them again in the future